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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living
Summer is a season of relaxation. Creating an outdoor living space that is both practical and luxurious requires finesse. From the planning stage to selecting furniture that will stand the test of time in a coastal climate, I am happy to share what I have learned with you. Coastal design has a beauty all its own that flows through all of my projects. I have collected a few of my writings below to aid you in crafting an outdoor living space that will make you feel at peace.

Let’s begin with the planning phase. Everyone’s vacation home serves a different purpose. There are lots of essential details to consider. How many people will be regularly staying? This question will impact how many beds or even rooms are needed. Is this a relaxing escape or a vibrant, entertaining home? This question will influence the size and location of the dining spaces. Will you be renting the space? This question will affect the types of linens you select. These are just a few of the crucial discussions you should have before deciding anything for your home. Allow me to put your mind at ease by discussing these questions and how to address them in my post. Discover more about the planning phase.

Outdoor Planning

We’ve discussed the planning, now let’s explore the most enjoyable part, the design phase. Designing your dream outdoor living area is a breeze if you consider five main elements: the seating, day beds, outdoor bars and kitchenettes, a design direction, and location. Each part has its own role to play, but being intentional in the design will allow it all to work together to form the ideal vacation home for your family. Discover more about how to create these elements of your home thoughtfully.

Outdoor Season
After a season of relaxation, clients love to think about what is next for their vacation home. Adding a few features can make a significant impact. I have collected a few of my favorite finds for outdoor living that are sure to make your space sing. These additions can be as simple as adding a lighting element to as sophisticated as adding your own pizza oven. Discover my favorites all gathered together.

Coastal Grilling

Living in a coastal home presents unique challenges for your home furnishings. The salty sea air, rain, and sun can all take a toll if you do not select pieces that are easy to live with, clean, and are simple to maintain. This article will help you confidently throw open your windows and breathe in the relaxing island life without fear. The secret is selecting the suitable materials for both indoor and out. Finishes like synthetic woven rattan, natural stone, and melamine dishware are all ideal additions to every design. Discover more pieces and materials to bring into your vacation home.

An exceedingly popular item on client’s request list is the daybed-particularly the kind that hangs on your patio. They are a calming place to relax and soak in some sunshine or curl up with a cocktail whenever you’re ready for happy hour! I have collected a few of my favorite styles of daybeds to serve as inspiration for you. Whether you want yours hanging or closer to the pool to watch your little ones, you are sure to find some stylish yet comfortable inspiration. Discover refreshing daybeds.


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