Back From Paris With New Inspiration and Life Lessons

Today is my first day back in the office after vacation, so please pardon me for the philosophical post. I’m still in the vacation mindset. My daughter and I spent a fun-filled week in Paris with my dad. I admire a few things about my dad’s approach to retirement, one being his habit of traveling […]

Entryway Remodeled

Before And After: Mid-Century/Tropical Home

I’m excited to share our most recent projects here today. It’s no secret that we love modern design here at Lagnappe, and, of course, we’re always putting our own tropical spin on modern for our clients here in the USVI. When this homeowner called us about a new home she was purchasing, I had an […]

Our Guide to Creating the Perfect Caribbean Color Scheme

The minimalistic white and greige rooms that have become popular on design social media channels certainly have an appealing aesthetic. Still, we love requests for fun Caribbean colors from our clients. Honestly, not using color to us is a missed opportunity, and we’ve got our color schemes down to a science. 1. Make a (Back) […]

GE Cafe

5 Ways Your Kitchen Can Support Your Health

Looking at food trend forecasts for the next year, it seems that more Americans are looking for ways to be creative with their food and nutrients for their health from the inside out. As a nation, we’re making more gourmet superfood lattes, healthy smoothies, and growing some of our own key ingredients from the comfort […]